The Indivisibility of Freedom – The politics of hope!

The Indivisibility of Freedom – The politics of hope!

The indivisibility of freedom

                Is the state’s greatest demon.

One woman’s freedom is the freedom of us all.

                Bring down the wall!

The power of the powerless

                Is supreme.

It comes rising

                In an ecstatic scream.

Diversity and plurality

                Is the aim.

                                The purpose

                                                Of my game.

Like water dripping on a stone

                A million people

                                Are never alone.

The truth gradually erodes

                The lies

                                Until the future explodes.

At the end of the totalitarian rope

                We have the politics of hope.

Opher – 4.12.2022

I was watching Simon Schama last night. It does fill me full of shame at being a member of a species that is so disgusting. A history of war, exploitation and repression.

Through it all there is always a strand of hope. There are people prepared to stand up against totalitarianism, to risk it all for freedom.

Here’s to the brave Iranian girls waving their detested hijabs – the symbol of oppression.

Here’s to the artists, writers and musicians who make brave stands against fascism and totalitarian oppression in all its forms.

Here’s to Pussy Riot and the Plastic People, Roy Harper, Bob Dylan and Frank Zappa.

Here’s to the politics of hope!

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