The Ten Things that are Buggin’ me today!

Still bugging me!!

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The Ten Things that are Buggin’ me today!

I am quite a fun-loving individual. I’m not depressive or gloomy. I like a laugh and I like doing things – especially travelling, writing, photographing and listening to music.

But I do get exceedingly angry a lot of the time. I can’t turn off from a lot of the insane things that human beings are doing.

Here are ten things that are buggin’ me today:-

  1. 10% of all the world’s wilderness has been destroyed since 1996 – that is utterly insane. All of the creatures living in that wilderness have been butchered and destroyed. Logging, mining, hunting, poaching, and strip and burn. Coffee, palm oil and farming. We are destroying the planet at an ever increasing rate! Soon there will be nothing left! It makes me mad!!!!!
  2. 1% of Britain’s richest own 25% of all the wealth – these are the greedy fuckers…

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