Encounters with packs of Ferocious Dragons! – Komodo Photos

Fabulous beasts

Opher's World

Our guide was taking us to a watering hole popular with Komodo Dragons. He explained to us that we were likely to encounter a few more and that they’d be a bit more lively than our previous encounter.

Sure enough, we rounded a corner and there was a pack of them. Some were moving about quite fast – looking mean and hungry. Mouths drooling red saliva, tongues flicking.

I wasn’t sure how one stick was going to be sufficient if they decided that we looked like brunch, but our guide seemed pleased and did not look in the least nervous.

One great beast opened his mouth wide – a greeting? A warning? Hunger? His red-tinged deadly saliva did not look at all appealing.

They were big. They ate deer and pigs (and people??).

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