Captain Beefheart – ‘On Track – Every Album, Every Song’ receives great reviews!

Captain Beefheart – ‘On Track – Every Album, Every Song’ receives great reviews!

‘As with his excellent On Track book about Roy Harper, Opher Goodwin has immersed us in the world of a truly great, if enigmatic musician. Opher’s deep and personal knowledge of the times, the culture, man and his music create a provocative and fulfilling read.’

‘This is such a brilliant book.’

‘a gold mine of information’

‘a forensic knowledge of Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band.’

‘what it feels like to have your brain rewired by this completely unique artist’

‘a must have for fans of Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band.’

‘You know when you go into an art gallery or museum and have an accompanying guide book explaining a little about the art or artefacts? Well, this is very much like that.’

‘I love it and so will you.’

‘another incentive; to listen to the most original, influential, unique music in rock history.’

So good to read the reviews of my new Beefheart book. Very heartening that people are enjoying it so much. It’s good to know that I’ve done justice to my favourite band! Thank you so much to all those leaving reviews and likes!

This is the second of the books that I have written in this series for Sonicbond Press. A third will be out next year.

I have received another batch, so if anybody else would like a signed copy please contact me.

For those who do not like purchasing from the dreaded Amazon it is available through other outlets including the publisher’s own site Burning Shed.

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