I love my algorithms

I love my algorithms

I love my great algorithms

                I no longer have to think!

They tell me everything

                About what to eat or drink.

I love those chirpy adverts

                With new things to buy.

Offering me a range of goods.

                Urging me to try.

They even target all my news

                And tell me how to vote.

Complete with handy slogans

                To memorise and quote.

My life is so much simpler

                With Musk and Gates in charge.

Using all their profits

                Fior a one-way trip to Mars.

Opher 9.11.2022

It’s a bit spooky when you are talking to someone about something and then you suddenly find it popping up in adverts on your screen. Alexa’s been snooping.

What is scarier is the way that we are analysed and targeted with political stuff that fits our profile with arguments that are selected to appeal. It is fuelling this greater and greater division.

Particularly scary when most of it is fake news, propaganda and lies.

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