Hijabs, Burqas, veils, modesty, misogyny and Islam. What do you think?

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I have a dilemma when it comes to the clothing restrictions made on women in Islam.

I do not like it. I think it is misogynistic. I do not believe it is Islamic; it is pre-Islamic. I see it as a process of subordination of women that stems from the Arabic, Abrahamic tradition; straight out of medieval tribalism.

I do not think women should be treated as sex objects. I think they are equal. But they should be allowed to express their sexuality. I do not like repression in any form.

I despise the imposition of dress codes on women and become furious when I read of women being whipped or beaten for not complying.

I feel it is grossly unfair when I see men walking around free to wear what they like while their women are constrained.

I know that some women want to wear these costumes from long…

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