Basic Human Rights denied to women in many Islamic Countries. Solidarity with the women in Iran! Long Live Masha Amini!!

‘We are deprived of our basic rights as women and as Kurds. We have no security, we have no work, our environment has turned to dust, we have no money, we have no freedom. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that remains unscathed because of these Islamic rulers.

And now they are killing us because we are not wearing the dress code they have imposed on us properly. It is not our culture, our clothes, but we have to submit precisely to their cruel rules, just like slaves.

I am tired of being a slave to these Islamists. I hate them and you can speak to anyone, they have the same feelings as I do.’

Misogynistic Islamists from the Dark Ages have stolen the lives of half of their population – women are being systematically suppressed.

The death of young woman Mahsa Amini while in the custody of Iran’s so-called “morality police” has once again highlighted the issue. She was beaten and killed for simply wearing the wrong type of hijab. The fact that women are FORCED to wear hijabs at all is a violation.

Women in these countries have no rights – education, and employment are denied. They are FORCED to wear a medieval costume – often in the sweltering heat.

It’s time that Islam stopped living in the 7th century!!

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