Wretchedly preparing for death

Arming themselves with Molotov Cocktails

Resigning themselves to horror

Wrestling land from the hands of patriots

Acting as brutal occupying forces

Rolling tanks across other peoples’ land

Welcoming invaders with fury

Attacking them with blind hate

Repelling advances with unleashed passion

Wondering why they were being lied to

Aghast at the reactions of the defenders

Reeling from the ferocity of the response

Wholeheartedly determined to fight or die

Aggressively throwing themselves into action

Raging with incandescent fury

Waging war with the lies of Putin

An army of confused conscripts

Reluctant to attack their friends

Opher 2.3.2022

There is nothing positive anyone can say about war.

The loss of life, destroyed lives, losses, injury, the permanent trauma, environmental catastrophe and cost.

War is run by madmen for power, for gain.

Everyone pays the price.

Those who wage war are monsters!!!

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