On The Boardwalk

On The Boardwalk

On the boardwalk,

Where the blind man watches the sunset,

The imperious gulls supervise proceedings,

Their beady eyes aloof are all-knowing.

They understand

That there is no need to analyse

In order to comprehend.

They intuitively recognise

That there is as much beauty

In the crushed dog-ends

In the muddy puddle

As there is in the scattering light

Shed by our nearest star.

The day just is.

It exists for us to survive

In a world

Where there is life in a soggy bread crust

And death in a moment’s inattention.

Opher – 10.9.2022

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Probably also in the species of the beholder.

Is it only those who are secure and have plenty who are able to spend precious time appreciating wonders?

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