The Days of Insanity

The Days of Insanity

The clown parades in his hi-vis suit

                To feed his own vanity.

Blithering and blathering, he lies,

                Drowning in his own inanity.

He raises the taxes to batter the poor

                With no shred of humanity.

His charisma hides the sleaze and corruption

                On this path to catastrophe.

He quotes Latin and silly soundbites

                To conceal his banality.

Contracts for the wealthy, cuts for the rest

                Delivered with brutality.

They still stupidly fawn as deaths they mourn

                And he utters his profanity.

We helplessly watch the farce unfurl

                For these are the days of insanity.

Surely, these are the days of insanity!

Opher – 18.2.2022

I watch all this total farce unfold in front of my eyes and find it hard to believe.

In America they elect a billionaire crook who they think will represent poor people!! I mean????

In the UK we elect a millionaire conman??

Both adopt extreme right-wing policies. We have fear, division, hate, lies, racism and violence.

We have senators sending Christmas cards featuring their gun-toting families! We have mass shootings!

We have the police killing black people because they are black and we have politicians declaring that Woke culture is destroying civilisation.

We have lying, corrupt politicians being caught out and forgiven, not even a slap on the wrist.

We are close to a war in Europe.

We have global warming, mass immigration and a handful of people owning half the planet.

Superyachts parked next to starving people.

People who would rather believe superstition and conspiracy to scientific fact.

People who believe proven liars.

People with military rifles.

These really are the days of the collapse of reason – days of insanity!!

Mankind has gone completely mad!!

4 thoughts on “The Days of Insanity

  1. Yikes and yikes again. But not to despair. We will keep on living and resisting despite all the odds. Take care. Don’t worry. The new king will right us on our course

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