Rees-Mogg Defends Concentration Camps.

I could not believe my ears when I heard Rees-Mogg trying to twist the facts, making a series of lies and trying to justify the use of concentration camps.

In the Boer War the British burnt farms, destroyed the food and took the women and children hostage. They held them in concentration camps. These women and children were systematically starved and died in thousands.

No wonder they see nothing wrong in sending people to Rwanda!!

When you think how Ken Livingston was hounded out of the Labour Party for telling the truth about the evil Hitler whose first idea was to set up a state in Palestine and shipping the Jews there before changing his mind and deciding to exterminate them. In my opinion Ken said nothing wrong but Rees-Mogg should be locked up!!

2 thoughts on “Rees-Mogg Defends Concentration Camps.

    1. I agree. Like many Tories he has no morality or conscience. He relies on this phoney aura of respectability to hide the immoral greed and exploitation.

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