A Million Coincidences

A Million Coincidences

It took a million coincidences to get to here.

Decisions made in time that weren’t initially clear.

A chance meeting;

A warm greeting;

Vagaries of seating;

Led to this.

A sideways glance,

A casual stance,

The laws of chance,

A stolen kiss.

Not written in the stars,

The alignment of Mars,

Or wills of Kings and Czars,

So easy to miss.

A million coincidences brought us to this.

Opher – 6.9.2022

I don’t believe in fate or astrology. I believe in chance. Our life is ruled by serendipity. There are no supernatural forces working to bring us together. We can change the circumstances, alter the iodds and seize the future.

It is in our hands…….. and chance.

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