Running out of Gates

Running out of Gates

Partygate, Covidgate,

                Brexitgate too.

We’re running out of gates

                What we gonna do?

Clear out Number 10

                Sacking all the staff.

Leave the main culprit!

                He’s having a laugh!

Energygate, taxgate

                Sleazegate as well.

The cost of living

                Is sending us to hell.

He’s got oven-ready plans

                World-beating schemes.

It’s all global problems

                And never what it seems.

Lobbygate, PPEgate

                Second jobs too!

They’re pulling in the millions!

                But what about me and you?

Opher – 6.2.2022

We’re in a crisis!! It’s one that we made ourselves! We voted in a bunch of self-serving incompetent wankers.

They’ve been looking after their own, making billions out of PPE contracts, second jobs, illegal lobbying, money for questions, donations for favours and off-shore schemes.

They’ve been avoiding tax, refurbishing flats, taking lavish holidays and laying plans for a revolving door into a world of luxury.

Covid and Brexit have been a bonanza for them!

Working from the Caribbean on their second jobs, moving their firms abroad, setting up their Cayman accounts – no wonder they’re partying!!

Never has there been so much sleaze, corruption and incompetence.

Brexit is costing us £30 billion a year.

Prices are rising.

Energy costs, fuel costs, inflation, tax hikes.

Nothing to do with them!!

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