Liz Truss it is!! Fill you with confidence?

Me neither.

This shallow, extremely limited, chameleon of a politician has achieved next to nothing in her long political career, apart from posing Thateresque in tanks. Not a single idea or innovation.

She started as a cannabis-promoting, monarchy-expelling liberal democrat. She assumed the colours of whatever gained her political advantage. She has now, stupidly, nailed her colours to the ERG mast. This bunch of extreme imbeciles, to the right of Ghenghis Khan, have been running the Tory Party from days of yore. They got rid of Thatcher, Major, Cameron and May and propelled that imbecile lying clown we’ve just got rid of into Number 10 just so they could get their racist, extreme nationalist agenda through. They are a bunch of fascists every bit as extreme and loathsome as the Trumpists.

So what is this callous Ice Queen now proposing?? Well, sadly, it’s not liberalising the totally ineffective drug laws or removing aristocratic parasites. No. Her great innovative ideas are that she wants to cut public services, give big tax cuts to the rich and do away with any notion of fairness and equality. Seemingly £8 for the poor and £1800 for the rich is fair and will solve the cost of living crisis. It might even gee up those lazy workers! Who needs sleep? They could work three shifts a day to pay their energy bills! If that doesn’t work she will ship the lazy sods to Rwanda!!

Who needs teachers, nurses, doctors and carers anyway? The rich go private!

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