Plastic Fashion

Plastic Fashion

Painted eyebrows, painted lips,

Botox faces, resized tits.

Steroid blood, muscles ripped,

Macho posture, bloods or crips.

Brazilian bikini, stiletto heels,

Fake tan, skin peels.

Arrogant swagger, violent streak,

Shaved hair, mandatory cheek.

Drugs and gangs, guns and knives,

Plastic culture, shallow lives.

Not real people, not a clue,

Life’s a game, nothing new.

Everything false, all unreal!

Concrete jungle – pig’s swill!

Opher – 5.2.2022

Once upon a time we lived with nature, in tune, with respect, on the edge, and it was real.

Now we live apart in these tarmacked streets full of dirt and trash. Life is unreal. We’ve become dissociated for reality.

Our food comes to us processed.

We’ve lost all sense of harmony.

It’s all about status, popularity, greed and wealth.

The girls are plastic dolls, status symbols to be used and discarded.

The boys are aggressive thugs out to make a kill.

Gangs, cars, drink, sex and drugs.

Pointlessly existing and dying in the plastic heaven we live in – trivia, shallow lives, going nowhere.

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