He Exits in Disgrace and Stupidly makes Comparisons to Roman Tyrant!

Very apt for the greedy, inept buffoon. He mentions Cincinnatus who was a Roman military leader who came out of retirement to lead the Romans in ousting an invasion, as if he is himself looking to come out of this imposed retirement to lead us again. I bloody hope not! We’ll call him next time the country has need for an inveterate liar, a lazy idler, or an incompetent buffoon. Until then he can ruffle up his hair and shamble around his three million pound estate and work on shovelling hay into his loft until he catches up with the likes of Cameron and Osborne.

He forgets to mention that Cincinnatus was considered a virtuous man. The very opposite of the philandering clown who brings dishonour to everything he touches and has lived a life of dishonesty and gluttony.

He maybe has something in common with Cincinnatus though. The man was a prime elitist runt who believed that he had a right to live in luxury while the plebs were kept in their place! – Cincinnatus was an opponent of the rights of the plebeians (the common citizens) who fell into poverty because of his son Caeso Quinctius‘s violent opposition to their desire for a written code of equally enforced laws.

So glad to be rid of this incompetent, dishonourable, liar in chief.

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