‘Debunk’ the idea Johnson got the big decisions right’. He didn’t! Goodbye – you won’t be missed!!

I’m angry. I’m angry that this self-serving, narcissistic populist clown has badly damaged this country with his lying.

The bleak six foot-tall ‘gift’ is filled with ghosts of the elderly killed by Covid, while Evgeny Lebedev, a Russian businessman the prime minister made a life peer, stands by a helicopter waiting to whisk him away.

One message inside read: ‘My wonderful mum – a brilliant yet horribly overworked NHS surgeon for over 30 years – died in 2020 and I had to watch her tiny Covid-restricted funeral online from my home rather than being there. 

‘Meanwhile you were partying. You have no shame. You have no conscience. You have no integrity. You won’t be missed.’

Another said: ‘When a clown moves into the castle he doesn’t become a king, the castle becomes a circus. Good riddance.’

Open Britain said it wanted to give the public the chance to ‘express their feelings about the PM’ and ‘debunk’ the idea Johnson got the big decisions right’.

Its chief executive Mark Kieran said: ‘We couldn’t allow the worst prime minister in living memory to slip away quietly, claiming he was one of the greatest.

‘He may be able to pull the wool over the of his chums in parliament, but millions of people who have suffered and are still suffering because of his mismanagement of the country and know that his place in history is assured for all the wrong reasons.

‘The leaving card will be a sobering record of the disappointment and anger felt by ordinary people at Johnson’s lie, incompetence and corruption.

‘It will serve as a stark warning to future leaders that we, the people will tolerate this rotten politics any more.’

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