Trust Me!!

He’s finally gone – the worst PM we’ve ever had; the man who took politics into the sewer, who lied and cheated, partied and conned his way to power.

All the oven-ready, world-beating lies have been exposed. The self-serving pocket-filling, Russian oligarchs, wallpaper and parties have been revealed.

He’s off with his nanny and personal trainer, his crates of £180 wine and ticket to the multimillion pound speaker circuit, to his multimillion-pound home to put ‘hay in the loft’. No scrimping on heating or banquets for him.

And still a bunch of people want him back and think that this lazy, inept conman is a jolly good bloke.

Trust Me!!

Trust me!!

                I’ll fix it!!

                                You can take my word.

I knew nothing,


                                That would be absurd.

I got Brexit done!

                I beat covid!

                                I’m so great!

Who would have thought

                That parties

                                Would seal my fate.

Every liar


His Waterloo.

The police

                Are investigating.

                                They think I’m through.

But I’m

                A slippery

                                Piece of shit.

I’ll fool everyone;

                I’ll get

                                Away with it!

Opher – 31.1.2022

Boris Johnson leads a charmed life. He breaks laws, he breaks rules, he lies and lines his own pockets. He makes a mess of everything he does, is utterly useless and a cheat to boot. He’s an arrogant slovenly slob. He deliberately ruffles up his hair because it’s an image that fools like. Yet people forgive him everything and vote for him.

He paints a false picture and people swallow it.

Brexit is a disaster.

We have the worst record on Covid in Europe and it hasn’t gone away.

He’s wrecked our public services.

He’s taken sleaze and corruption to a new level.

He’s responsible for huge price rises, tax hikes and inflation.

It’s blither, bluster and blunder.

When there’s a crisis he hides.

When there’s a photo op he’s in high vis.

Yet many people still make excuses for this self-serving, arrogant, imbecile!

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