Déjà vu

Déjà vu

I’m living in a bubble

Keeping the universe out.

Existing in life’s rubble

In a time full of doubt.

Whatever I do

It’s déjà vu.

My days are a repeating pattern

Nothing new seems to happen.

There’s no room

For anything new.

Whatever I do

It’s déjà vu.

My opportunities are rather lean.

My world’s collapsed into routine.

I’m looking for an opportunity

To renew.

But whatever I do

It’s déjà vu.

I’ve got a vaccine in my blood

That’s good at bubble bursting.

It’s giving me the possibility

For the change for which I’m thirsting.

It’ll all be new

No more of

This déjà vu.

Opher – 26.4.2021

I’ve enjoyed lockdown. It has given me the time to do so many things that I would never have normally had time for.

But I don’t like the way my life has slotted into this routine. I am craving for a bit of adventure.

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