A Streak Of Lightnin’

A Streak Of Lightnin’

There was a streak of lightning in the Goldilocks zone

It worked its magic on a lump of stone.

Nature’s fury.

A burst of UV.

Sufficient for creation.

A dose of hard radiation.

An amazing feat.

With lots of heat.

What time has taught her

With plenty of water.

A chemical reaction that resembles magic

Fermenting for billions of years.

Creating something so absolutely fantastic

To fill the eyes with wondrous tears.

Metamorphosing by the trillion

To finally dream under the sun.

Mammalian, virus and reptilian

Ever evolving from whence it begun.

Rising out of the mud

Spawning skin, bone, leaf and blood.

Electricity still coursing through the gel

Of wondrous life in every cell.

That one spark in the Goldilocks zone

Set fire to a zillion clones.

Firing up brains – as with the great Shakespeare.

Leaving me in awe as I sit here.

Opher – 9.5.2021

Billions of years ago, in one place on a tiny planet in the middle of nowhere, a flash of electricity gave rise to life.

To me that is much more amazing than all the religious explanations I have ever heard – much more fantastic, much more awesome – and much, much, much more likely.

From that one instant of unique chemistry all life on this planet evolved.

That is much more stupendous that anything in the bible, koran and bhagavad gita put together. Fantastic that it is it is still far more believable than all the gods created out of the imagination of men.

The result of that one reaction billions of years ago is writing this.


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