No Parties at Number 10 – just drinking until 4.00 a.m., karaoke, quizzes, vomiting, wine on walls, tinsel, party hats, bottles smuggled in with shopping trollies, bring a bottle, broken swings – absolutely no parties. Boris Johnson didn’t lie to parliament.

It appears that Boris Johnson did not lie to parliament when he said that there were categorically no parties at Number 10 and that everyone followed all the rules.

There were only 26 such events and he wasn’t even at most of them.

He certainly did not condone drunken parties in packed rooms with people sitting on laps.

They were all work meetings.

He doesn’t condone the cleaners being abused by drunken Tories.

He doesn’t excuse security staff being laughed at and ridiculed.

He pretends that they are not a bunch of over-privileged, arrogant pricks who were laughing at their minions.

He is not taking the electorate as a bunch of ignorant fools who will believe anything and still vote for them.

He is not a liar.

Move on!

Heaven knows what a real party would look like!!

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