The Greased Pig Squeals and Lies!

I’ve seen more contrition in a piranha!!

It’s an act. One minute he’s all apologetic and hangdog and the next he’s back bragging to his MPs. He’s a greasy liar. He might fool some but he doesn’t fool me!

‘The explosive report gave details of gatherings where officials drank so much they were sick, sang karaoke, became involved in altercations and abused security and cleaning staff – all at a time when millions of people across the country were unable to see friends and family and thousands of people lay dying alone in hospital with coronavirus.’

Drunken, arrogant Tory bastards abusing cleaning staff, vomiting, spilling wine on walls, karaoke, quizzes and party games!

The lying bastard stood up in the House and blatantly denied it all! He presided over this bunch of over-privileged twerps! He condoned it!

Is he getting away with it again?? Unbelieveable!!

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