When a Prime Minister lies to the public and lies to the House of Parliament it is a big thing!

A Prime Minister who lies is in no position to lead a country!

We have been given the full treatment by the Tory Party. They have tried to trivialise it as only a bit of birthday cake. It was not only a bit of cake! There were 21 parties with booze, quizzes and party hats. Johnson was at a number of them. This was a culture of breaking the law at a time when draconian rules were imposed on all of us. They behaved as if they were above the very laws they had imposed on us!

It is not trivial!

They have tried to make out that these 21 parties were the same as Starmer’s beer and curry. They weren’t! Starmer WAS at a work event. He did not hold quizzes or smuggle in booze in shopping trollies. He wasn’t wearing a party hat and he had not issued invites saying ‘BRING A BOTTLE’.

It is not comparable in any sense.

The Tories have tried to suggest that it was a hard-working team battling covid letting off steam at the office. It wasn’t! These were organised parties!!

They broke the law!! There were big gatherings and no social distancing. They knew. They were laughing about their law-breaking as we saw from Allegra Stratton’s practise press conference. They were taking us for mugs.

They tell us that it is time to move on, that there are more important things to deal with – Ukraine and the Cost-of-living. The truth is that there are enormous problems – and most of them have been caused by this incompetent twat of a greedy, selfish clown and his equally self-serving government.

Lying, incompetence and corruption are not things to move on from! The guilty people should all be sacked and replaced with honest, competent people we can trust – people who will work for us and not themselves!!

The MET have shown themselves to be corrupt. They have largely punished the minions and excused the leaders and organisers. SHAME ON THEM!!!!

Now we wait for SUE GRAY to set the record straight!!

We have already heard about the SECRET MEETING!!! What pressure has been brought to bear???

I put nothing past this craven bunch of fascists!! They are taking over the BBC, dismantling Channel 4 and trying to silence any opposition.

Are we any different to RUSSIA???

What a terrible journey this has been!!

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