Killing Time Before Eternity

Killing Time Before Eternity

We’re all killing time

Before eternity kicks back in.

On a brief holiday

Within this flesh and skin.

We came from nowhere

And we’re heading that way again.

Fortunately, in between,

We evolved eyes and brain.

We see, we feel,

We experience wonders all around

Standing on a spinning planet

With feet upon the ground.

We are incredibly lucky

To be conscious and aware

Of all the majestic wonders

Around us, everywhere.

We’re on a short break

From the void of nothing.

Staying here for a short while

In the realm of something.

It’s a mere speck

In the eye of eternity,

But we should grasp it

Most heartily.

For this time is all we have

To wonder and enjoy.

With all the enthusiasm

We can muster and deploy.

Opher 27.12.2020

Life is so short.

Experience is so limited.

But we have eyes to see, ears to hear, tongues to taste, hands to feel, noses to smell and hearts to love.

For a short while we have been afforded the privilege to experience the wonder of a whole universe.

I am determined to make the most of this brief window.

Every second is precious.

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