Poetry – Catalyst for Division

Catalyst for Division

There’s a catalyst for division

And he’s coming after us.

He’s spreading hate and racism

To throw us off the bus.

He’s gathering his army

They’re taking to the street.

Toting their assault rifles

Jackbooting their feet.

He’s a catalyst for hatred

Enjoying when people cower,

Wallowing in his wealth,

Loving all the power.

He’s spreading all his fake news –

A propaganda machine.

Spreading lies and put-downs,

Talking sly and mean.

He’s a catalyst for confusion,

Making people fear.

Spreading doubt like manure

So that nothing is quite clear.

He’s empowering the racists

And stirring the pot.

He wants to get elected

Giving it all he’s got.

He’s a catalyst for violence,

Orchestrating his thugs.

Treating the people

Like a bunch of mugs.

He’s building walls in minds

As well as on the ground.

Where-ever he goes

The lies they do abound.

We know what he’s about!

Time to boot him out!

Thank heavens he’s gone!! He’s been empowering the most obnoxious groups of racist thugs and white supremacists. He has been actively promoting division, inciting his base and relishing the extreme responses he is eliciting.

The man is a master at creating fanatical sycophants. They believe every lie the man has spouted – and that’s a lot of lies.

I don’t think anyone has ever done more harm to the environment, science, rational thought, the stability of society or America’s standing in the world.

Good Riddance Trump!! You stink!!

Opher – 26.9.2020

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