Poetry – Body Bags

Body Bags

They don’t look so tough in body bags,

                Chucked carelessly in mass graves,

                                Blown to smithereens

In splatters.

Reality is a far cry

                From the bravado and boasts

                                Posing with guns

                                                In arrogant scenes

                                                                Now in tatters.

Bravery and strength

                Do not repel bullets.

                                Where a shell lands

                                                Is down to luck.

Anyone can stand tall

                Pretend to be so macho

                                Aggressive talk and body pumps

Missiles don’t give a fuck.

Opher – 3.5.2022

All those young men signing up to go off and fight, so cocksure, but there’s nothing cool about fighting. The body bags are waiting. The missiles don’t care how tough you are. The mines will blow off your legs.

The world should have got past all that barbaric, primitive violence and stupidity. War is distilled terror and horror. Soldiers are pawns – nothing more!

Bravery is a farce. Neanderthal men are an embarrassment.

This is 2022. Wars are never won.

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