Poetry – A Most Immoral Man

A Most Immoral Man

He’s standing on the steps;

A most immoral man,

Looking for a photo op

With the bible in their hand.

A friend of infamous Epstein

With a liking for young girls.

He’ll peddle bleach and UV light

Or anything that sells.

For wealth and power

He’ll gladly divide the land.

Make us of anybody

Then sack them out of hand.

To find his past administration

Look inside a jail.

That’s where his bunch of crooks

End up, without fail.

The leader of the world;

A man of scurrilous character.

Friends with the worst of men

An evil man – so sinister.

Opher – 31.8.2020

There is no end to the blatant hypocrisy displayed by Trump – man who uses religion to gain support but is the most impious, immoral man on the planet. He lies, cheats and makes crooked deals.

He is so incredibly brazen. He just rides the lies and acts like they are the truth.

Now, having been created division and hatred he is looking to exploit it for his own ends.

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