Poetry – Narrow Views and Ignorance

Narrow Views and Ignorance

We don’t need science.

We don’t need experts.

We can just guess the truth!

They don’t know anything.

They always get it wrong!

Deep state elitist aloof.

We’ve got the bible!

We listen to Trump.

We’ve got the proof!

Opher – 28.7.2020

It’s like we have entered a new dark age of superstition and ignorance. It’s as if the enlightenment never happened.

Or is it just that the ignorant and superstitious have always been there but Trump has energised and activated them?

Is ignorance contagious?

This systematic undermining of science, experts and demonising of politicians has taken things to a new level.

I’m cynical about politicians and even science, but at least it’s better than anarchy and religion. There is a sound basis to science. It’s provable.

There is no basis to these conspiracy theories.

We live in dangerous times.

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