Poetry – Who Rules the UK?

Who Rules the UK?

Who rules the UK?

‘Not I’ said the poor man

Struggling to get by,

‘I live out my days

Until the day I die.’

Who rules the UK?

‘Not I’, said the comfortable

Investing all their shares,

‘I’m doing alright

I have no need to care.’

Who rules the UK?

‘Not I,’ said the politician

Who is bought and sold,

‘I just get to vote

The way that I am told.’

Who rules the UK?

‘Not I,’ said the Queen.

‘I am just a figurehead.

Of power

I do not have a shred.’

Who rules the UK?

‘Brussels!’ shout the Brexiteers,

Snarling as they speak.

‘We want that power back

We haven’t got all week!’

Who really rules the UK?

Silence from those who do;

Who own the press

And buy the power;

Who quietly smile

As they watch it go sour.

‘There’s profit to be made

From this pantomime charade!

Opher 17.8.2018

The people who have financed Brexit have done so for their own selfish reasons. They don’t care about the country or the people. They only care about themselves.

Some of them are ideologues. Some of them are speculators. Some of them are mad.

We’ve all been used!

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