Tory Engineered Cost Of Living Crisis!!

It’s all coming together to hit the poor. Tory policies causing extreme hardship for the poor and bonanzas for the wealthy.

Public service cuts have caused pay freezes and loss of earnings.

Covid mismanagement with illegal tendering, illegal give-aways and massive wastage has cost tens of billions.

Failure to address tax loopholes costing £35 billion a year.

Brexit costing £37 billion a year.

Cuts in benefits.

Increases in taxes.

Increases in National Insurance.

Failure to bring in windfall tax.

Creeping privatisation and failure to nationalise energy – puts tens of billions into the pockets of the wealthy.

They have been taking from the poor and giving to the rich (record multimillion-pound bonuses) causing immense poverty while telling us they were levelling up!!

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