Cost Of Living Crisis!! Bring Back Corbyn!!

If we had elected Corbyn instead of Wurzel Gummidge we would have nationalised a lot of these already. Profits wouldn’t be creamed off straight into the pockets of the wealthy and we would have this colossal crisis!!

The Tories have been giving tens of billions to their rich chums and stealing from the poor.

We’re all in it together!! What a lie!! How much are Cameron and Osborne earning now (to the nearest few million)???

The Tory media did a job on him. He was a threat to their greedy lifestyles.

Another Angry Voice

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Britain’s depraved corporate media portray the popular desire for public ownership as absurdly unpopular and dangerously radical left-wing extremism.

Meanwhile they portray the radically right-wing and profoundly unpopular Tory agenda of privatising almost everything (energy, water, public transport, schools, police services, Royal Mail, NHS services …) as perfectly sensible.

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