Today’s Music To Keep me SssSAAaaNNNnEEE in Isolation – Woody Guthrie – Dust Bowl Ballads

The great dust storms were caused by intensive farming. The hedges were grubbed up, the soil lost its structure and a drought caused the dust to fly. The human catastrophe was exacerbated by the banks forgoing on mortgages and tenant farmers being kicked off their land.

It is particularly poignant when we now see the effects of our greed and numbers having a global effect. We are changing the climate of the whole planet.

The great dust bowl was a local effect. We are heading towards a global catastrophe on a much worse level.

Woody is unique. He sang about the way this terrible event affected the lives of the people caught up in it.

I hope lessons are being learnt.

I play Woody regularly. He never ceases to affect me!

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