Putin living to regret what he has done?

Is Putin receiving misinformation?

Are all his close clique living in fear and feeding him what he wants to hear?

Will the sanctions hit the Russian economy?

How many dead Russian troops are there?

How many tanks, planes and vehicles have been blown up?

What will India and China do?

Has NATO some responsibility for this?

What about these Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups?

Will Putin ever end up in the Haigh to be tried for war crimes?

Will there be a regime change in Russia?

Will the Russian people eventually see through the propaganda Putin is spewing out?

Why is China spewing out that same pro-Russian propaganda?

When the body bags and stories all come back to Russia will the Russian people find the courage to rebel?

How long can the repression and oppression last in the face of death and severe austerity?

Why do the Russian people tolerate such gross inequality (Putin and Oligarchs have billions while most Russians live in poverty) (mind you, we do the same – just at a slightly higher level)?

Will Ukraine come back to bite Putin or will he go on to take over Ukraine and other countries?

I'd like to hear from you...

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