Poetry – Power and Fear

Power and Fear

Power and fear

                The only game in town.

Terror and death

                When the chips are down.

Nobody matters.

                A numbers game.

Winning and losing

                In the arena of shame.

Unleashing war;

                A battle of wits.

Collateral damage

                Where the missile hits.

Nothing matters

                But power and wealth.

Brutal terror

                Or intrigue and stealth.

Games of power;

                Win at all cost.

Cities into rubble;

                Nuclear holocaust.

Opher – 16.3.2022

In among these games of power ordinary people are like ants trampled under hobnail boots – of little consideration.

Civilisation is a transparent film over a reality that has not changed through the centuries. Technology has merely altered the size of the chips. There is more to lose.

Political games are played out over a global stage. The powerful vie for position, people and cities are mere bargaining chips as they up the ante.

Power is a strong drug.

Wealth is another.

The whole of history has been the tale of selfishness and greed.

Civilisation is an illusion.

Human beings could build a world of beauty and fulfilment for all. But some want it all. They are prepared to destroy it all so that they can have what they want.

Power and wealth have no room for wisdom or compassion.


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