Poetry – Writing symphonies

Writing symphonies

I’m writing symphonies to the sun

And dancing to mother moon.

I’m writing odes to rocks and trees

And singing the whales a tune.

I’m laughing with the sun and sea

And gasping at the sky;

With dramatic gestures to chimpanzees

Asking the question why.

My life is spent on a thin crust,

Beneath a cosmic whirl,

Creating poems of endless joy

For every boy and girl.

Opher – 10.4.2020

Nature never ceases to amaze me and fill me with awe.

I love watching wild animals and staring up at skies. I love clouds, mountains, trees and snakes.

Seventy years ago I opened my eyes into a wonderland that we take for granted. It is mysterious and fabulous.

Every aspect is incredible.

I write odes of joy to the wonder that surrounds me.

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