Poetry – The Pink or Blue Tsunami

The Pink or Blue Tsunami

There’s a pink or blue tsunami

                That washes over babies,

Changing behaviour,

Changing brains,

Altering aspirations for ever.

What you play with,

                How you are dressed,

What expectations,

Determine who you are

And what you will become.

That pink of blue tsunami

Is washing away

The dreams

Of so many baby girls.

Opher – 6.4.2020

Gender politics plays out in the home. The inequality is fostered by mothers, grandmothers and aunts on their baby girls.

They are channelled down different routes to their sons on a river of pink. They are deprived of all the assertive play. They are pointed into subservient roles and caring roles.

If girls are ever going to achieve equality they will need to be brought up with the same expectations as their brothers. Then they might have a chance.

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