Poetry – How Dainty

How Dainty

How daintily nature steps in

With her floral costume of Spring.

All cheerful and smiles

As she waltzes down aisles,

With sunshine and song

To right every wrong.

She tidies and cleans

With her new guillotine;

With her pruning hook

And hardly a look

She lops off the dead wood

In the neighbourhood.

And we once so proud,

So noisome and loud,

Are the very things

For which her axe swings.

And in her wake

There’s one less headache.

Opher – 29.3.2020

I’ve been doing a lot of walking through the back lanes and countryside during the course of this pandemic.

It has been a beautiful Spring. The sun has shone and nature has blossomed. With people out of the way it is amazing to see nature flourish.

With the blossom out and the new green foliage everything looks pristine.

I wrote a poem for the beauty of nature.

But nature is a gardener. She does not mess about. If she sees something clogging up the garden, out of control, she prunes it, cuts it down so that others can grow.

Nature clears up the deadwood and the weeds – anything that causes problems for the garden.

Perhaps we are being warned?

The pruning hook is at hand?

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