Poetry – Power from the Tower

Power from the Tower

The conspiracy theories, fake news and strong views

All get confused,

As the global elite use the situation

To control the nation;

Cementing their power from their ivory towers

While we cower.

Immune in their cocoon as we lampoon

Our own doom.

They control the markets like prophets

To increase their profits

Orchestrating death with their every breath

Dispensing crystal meth.

For the elite are immune to the things that cause our doom.

Opher 22.3.2020

It is obvious to me that the wealthy are completely immune to the effects of this pandemic. A number of them are exploiting the situation to make even more money. They are further cementing their status and securing their power.

When this is all over many millions will have lost their incomes but some will come out the other side a lot richer and a lot more powerful.

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