Poetry – We’re There For You.

We’re There For You.

The Zombie Apocalypse is coming down my street,

Emptying the shelves and shuffling their feet.

They’ve all got the vacant eyes and scary grasping hands;

Having lost their brains they’re relying on their glands.

It’s like a computer game that is happening for real.

We used to play for fun and enjoy developing the skill,

But now it isn’t funny! It’s like Hamlet and Macbeth.

The Zombie Apocalypse is a game of life and death.

They are using shopping trolleys as weapons of war.

Fighting over toilet rolls and emptying the store.

Grabbing what they can and clearing every shelf.

The Zombie Apocalypse just cares about itself.

But a message came through my door

That nearly knocked me to the floor.

Anything I can do?

You know we’re there for you!

Opher – 22.3.2020

Jekyll and Hyde. That is human nature. There are a mad bunch of selfish greedy idiots and there are many empathetic, caring, thoughtful people who are going out of their way to help.

It only takes an emergency like a pandemic to bring out the best and worst in people.

From the glazed expression of shoppers grabbing everything they can to the smiling faces of volunteers.

The whole thing is exemplified and exaggerated in America where the political divide seems to have fuelled up a type of madness.

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