Boris Johnson’s week of reckoning.

Listening to Tory after Tory trying to defend the indefensible is sickening. (The clown being, as usual, invisible).

I learnt a lot – seemingly, unbeknown to me, the clown has been toiling away in laboratories developing a vaccine. Johnson then took this vaccine out and personally vaccinated millions of people thus defeating the virus.

I had thought it was the scientists who invented the vaccine and the NHS who successfully vaccinated the country. Shows how wrong you can be.

I thought that it was the dithering, blathering, complacency, panicking and ineptitude of our lying chancer that led us to one of the highest death rates in the world – but no, it seems that this stout leader valiantly led us through the pandemic.

Thankfully it looks as if that last thread will give way this week and the liar will be impaled on his own lies.

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