Poetry – A Vision

A Vision

A man should have a vision –

Something to base his life on.

For without a philosophy to fight for

There is no far horizon.

A vision is a philosophy

That one can aim straight for.

A set of ideals that

Are worth fighting for.

A vision of a better world

Is what I nurture in my head.

So that I can leave a legacy

For when I am long dead.

I have a picture of a future

Not run for selfish greed,

That protects the environment

Yet fulfils every need.

It’s a vision that is possible

For us all to achieve.

A vision in which everyone

Has the right to believe.

Opher – 19.12.2019

If one has a philosophy to base one’s life on then every action, every thought and every deed is focussed. It means that your efforts are put towards something positive. It gives your life purpose.

One knows what one is striving for and what one is striving against. Your life is no longer shallow and empty.

A man has to have a purpose.

2 thoughts on “Poetry – A Vision

  1. Opher – Having and maintaining passion to pursue our purpose, holding on to deep-seated belief in our convictions, are powerful motivators and prerequisites to express our will. Whether or not opportunity exists equally for all to make manifest their dreams is a matter of debate (1% hold nearly 50% of the world’s wealth), but certainly one has to have a dream else how would we make a dream come true.

    Good poem!


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