Poetry – Prehistoric policing

Prehistoric policing

Put on your veil!

Pray each day

And obey without ceasing!

Or else

You’ll be subject to

Prehistoric policing!

Read the scripture!

Follow the dogma!

Not to do so is a sin!

If you do not

You’ll be hammered with

Prehistoric policing!

Do not question

The tenets of faith!

Throw all logic in the bin!

Faith is not rational.

It needs to be enforced

With prehistoric policing!

Opher – 2.11.2019

I was driven to write this poem by a video clip of a poor woman who was shot through the head for going to the market without her veil. The Nazi religious police stopped her, beat her and forced her to her knees. They recited verse, gathered a crowd, put a gun to her head and blew her brains out – all because her face was not covered.

Across the world millions of women and children are subject to prehistoric policing. They are forced to spend hours memorising scripture. They are forced to wear heavy robes and full face veils.

This is not religious freedom. This is slavery.

These religious fanatics create a fascist tyranny! Their misogynistic view of religion is draconian and prehistoric.

Religion should be a matter of choice – not coercion.

2 thoughts on “Poetry – Prehistoric policing

  1. Oh dear, Opher. You’ve set off the Darn-Poor Rhymer again. Sigh.

    Put on your mask!
    Keep away
    With social distancing!
    Or else
    You’ll be subject to
    A fine you can’t pay!

    Read the warnings!
    Do what you’re told!
    Not to do so is a crime!
    If you do not
    You’ll be hammered by
    The lifestyle police.

    Do not question
    The “expert consensus!”
    Throw your own ideas in the bin!
    Politics is not rational.
    It needs to be enforced
    With bad laws and police.

    1. Lol – now that is a bad rhyme!!
      I am in agreement that we should always question – particularly with clodhopper politicians, but, when it comes to diseases and pandemics I prefer the immense knowledge of experts who have spent their lives studying the viruses and know what they are talking about. Leaving that judgement to the ignorance of the population is just plain daft. Most people haven’t got a clue.
      If you want to put a stop to a lethal pandemic you have to follow the rules and judgement of people that know.
      The hospitals aren’t full of foolish unvaccinated people for nothing. The antivaxxers are a bunch of extremely ignorant people.
      As a biologist who taught about viruses to research level, my understanding is likely to be vastly greater than the average punter. The rules and regs make perfect sense although the politicians keep making poor judgements by ignoring the science just so they can be popular.

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