Poetry – Cosmic Dance

Cosmic Dance

Life is a dance,

Without rehearsal,

                                Moves of beauty

Elegance and eloquence

Play out

                On a green jewel


Through a void.

                Each step

                                A glide

                                                Into the unknown

                                Each gesture

                                                                A motif of defiance


                                In joy.

Opher – 8.11.2019

My wife is a dancer. She sees the world through movement.

I too see it that way. It is beautiful.

The ripples of corn, the waves in the sea, the waving of branches, the shimmering of leaves.

A murmur of starlings, a shoal of fish, the breaching of a whale, the sprint of a leopard.

The waving of hands, the creases of a smile, the grasp of a handshake.

The orbit of planets, the radiance of a sun. The throbbing of atoms, swirling of electrons and flash of light.

All life is a dance.

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