Poetry – We’ve Finally Made It!!

We’ve Finally Made It!!

We’ve made it!

The concrete and plastic

Have created a paradise!

We have everything we want!

We’ve got it made!

Drowning in goods;

More than we can ever need

At a price we can afford!

We’ve made the grade!

Stacking shelves

Delivering goods and serving coffee!

On a wage we can barely survive.

Opher 24.7.2019

Well as Roy Harper once said ‘the eyes that are guiding society’s ludicrous aim’. Those eyes are the wealthy who wish to sell us their products, who exploit our labour, cut down trees, clear forests and are creating a plastic hell-hole.

I hope we’ll all be happy there in our sterile loneliness.

I think we are in great danger of forgetting all the things that really count – the love of friendship, love, nature and the beauty of the natural world.

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