Poetry – Death of the Innocents

Death of the Innocents

I screamed in the basement

As the bombs rained down.

Seven years of age

When buried in the ground.

I scurried down the road

As the bullets flew.

A soldier took aim

So I never grew.

They blow women and children

To shreds and to gore

So they can make profit

From destruction and war.

They’re selling missiles to tyrants

And power-mad fanatics.

Justifying the sale

With mental acrobatics.

They are madmen and worse

Who are running the world;

Creating a rampage

That can never be quelled.

It’s all fear and terror

In the hearts of the ravaged,

From cruelty and sadism

In the hearts of the savage.

We humans are engaged

With a great killing spree

And won’t be satisfied

Til the world’s on its knees!

Opher – 8.7.2019

Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Iraq, Nigeria, Myanmar, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Everywhere you look you see the hardness of eyes, the fanaticism and the barbarity of humans.

It’s time we put a stop to this massacre of the innocents!

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