Poetry – Fundamental Control

Fundamental Control

Get your rosaries off our ovaries!

Keep your Kingdom Come away from my bum!

Keep your spirituality off my sexuality!

Keep your habits away from my habits!

Opher – 8.7.2019

Religion should be a personal experience. Unfortunately those with extreme views cannot help by try to impose their fundamentalism on everybody else. They are never content to keep it to themselves.

Imposition and restriction is the way of all fundamentalisms. We see it with every theocracy, every cult and fanatic.

This is what the ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ is all about.

I took my inspiration from a film of a march in which a group of women were marching to protect their sexual freedom. Extremist, fundamentalist religious groups were trying to prevent abortions, stop sex education in schools and prevent contraception. I could identify with the protesting women. It was a cause I could identify with. These conservative religious people were attempting to restrict our rights and put a stop to all the liberal gains we have made over the years. Their vision of the future is a regime of control and austerity. It’s all about power. They need opposing.

One of the women had a poster that read ‘KEEP YOUR ROSARIES OFF OUR OVARIES’. I thought that was great.

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