2 thoughts on “Boris Johnson and the ERG Tory Extremists.

  1. I do like that Peter Brookes cartoon – though perhaps I don’t take the same view that you do on it, Opher.

    3.6 million heat pumps (way less effective than gas boilers), minus 21.4 million gas boilers, looks to me like 17.8 million (or more) households without any effective heating at all.

    Anyway, the archbishops, bishops and cardinals are now gathering in Glasgow intending to force us all to obey their idiot demands for “net zero.”

    1. Lol Neil. I don’t think this government has a clue. It’s all wind and hot air – Johnson himself could power a few turbines.
      Maybe one day you’ll get to be open-minded enough to look at the mass of evidence instead of swallowing the propaganda from the fossil fuel industry and realise that global warming is real and a far bigger existential threat than Covid ever was.
      As a Biologist the signs are so evident all around us. It’s scary.

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