Poetry – Time if you please!

Time if you please!

The stars will follow on their course –

Rushing towards infinity.

The galaxies swirl and planets spin

Towards eternity.

Atoms whirl and molecules jiggle

As matter is heated and substances wiggle

And we are caught somewhere in the middle.

The arc of the sun our only hint

Of the massive speed of space.

The heat of metal searing our flesh

Our impression of atomic pace.

Our perception is caught between time;

Trapped between worlds,

As the macro and micro play out their game

And fast and slow unfolds.

Opher 25.5.2019

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea that we are stuck between a macrocosm of immense size and speeds and the jiggling around of atoms. We see little of either – yet they are the reality.

As the sun performs its slow arc it is hard to imagine that it is really us spinning at 1000 MPH while both of us are careering along at hundreds of thousands of miles per hour!

When that metal burns us it is the result of the unseen jiggling of atoms.

I feel we are stranded in an unreality.

Is it all just a perception of time?

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