Poetry – Resentment


Busloads of fat rich tourists

Unload and unload

In an endless stream,

In the land of

Poverty and dust,

Where each penny

Is precious.

In the land of minarets

And prayers

Where faith

Is the only hope,

They have to believe.

But these tourists

Have no faith

And little hope

But plenty of pennies.

So they are catered for

And their every whim

Is addressed –

At a price.

Perhaps the price

Is resentment.

Opher 20.3.2019

While tourism is greatly needed as a source of income for people who have so little, it is not a something that is always an easy relationship.

Bringing rich foreigners, with all their hedonistic values, in contact with a poor populace who have a prescribed religious lifestyle is bound to create friction.

Sometimes the resentment is obvious.

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