3 thoughts on “A better way of living???

  1. Great dalai lama quote. reminds me of a “money is everything” moment I had with a knighted microsoft millionaire at a organizational meeting a few years back. political agendas were under discussion, and I brought up worker’s power and inclusion in this org. one guy I didn’t know got upset and said he need a “private word.” so we sat just outside the meeting circle, and this guy jumps all over me “how dare you” kinda shit. “those are other people’s ideas, and you’re with THEM.” He rattles on about he is funding this org, and I just said “So?” the guy just looks at me and says “You know I’ve personally met the DALAI LAMA.” “So, it didn’t help much, did it?” silence and a blank stare . seeing Capt money upset the got the rest of their board to reject an inclusion statement. Got me and several others to reject the org. fuck all that, gotta get on with these…

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